best common app essays ivy league 2024-2025

By | June 16, 2023

best common app essays ivy league 2024-2025

best common app essays ivy league 2024-2025

best common app essays ivy league 2024-2025

Applying to Ivy League institutions is a highly competitive endeavor, and crafting a compelling Common App essay is crucial for standing out among the thousands of applicants. In this blog post, we will delve into the world of the best Common App essays for Ivy League applications. We will explore the characteristics that make these essays exceptional and provide insights and inspiration to help you create a standout essay for your Ivy League aspirations.

Characteristics of the Best Common App Essays for Ivy League:

  1. Authenticity and Personal Voice: The best essays for Ivy League applications are authentic and reflect the applicant’s true self. They showcase the writer’s unique voice, personality, and experiences. Admissions officers value essays that provide genuine insights into the applicant’s background, passions, and aspirations.
  2. Compelling Storytelling: Engaging and captivating storytelling is a hallmark of standout essays. These essays take the reader on a journey by weaving together a narrative that captures their attention from the beginning and maintains a strong grip throughout. They may explore personal growth, challenges overcome, or transformative experiences that have shaped the applicant’s character.
  3. Reflective and Thoughtful Analysis: Strong essays for Ivy League applications demonstrate deep self-reflection and critical analysis. They go beyond surface-level descriptions and delve into the applicant’s thoughts, emotions, and lessons learned from their experiences. These essays showcase introspection and the ability to draw meaningful insights from personal encounters.
  4. Unique Perspective and Originality: Ivy League essays often stand out by offering a fresh and unique perspective. They avoid clichés and provide fresh insights into the applicant’s interests, experiences, or worldview. These essays may showcase unconventional thinking, innovative solutions, or unconventional approaches to familiar topics.
  5. Exceptional Writing Skills: Outstanding essays for Ivy League applications exhibit mastery of the written word. They demonstrate a high level of writing skill, including clarity, coherence, and a strong command of language. Grammar, punctuation, and syntax are carefully considered to create an impactful and polished essay.

Exploring Exemplary Common App Essays for Ivy League:

To gain inspiration from notable Common App essays that helped students gain admission to Ivy League institutions, consider exploring the following resources:

  1. IvyApps ( IvyApps is an online platform that provides access to successful Ivy League application materials, including essays. It offers a repository of essays that were accepted by Ivy League schools, providing insights into the writing styles, approaches, and topics that resonated with admissions officers.
  2. College Essay Examples That Worked ( College Essay Guy offers a collection of real student essays that were successful in the college admissions process. The website provides a diverse range of essay examples, along with expert analysis and tips to help you craft your own compelling essay.
  3. “50 Successful Ivy League Application Essays” by Gen Tanabe and Kelly Tanabe: This book features a compilation of essays that helped applicants gain admission to Ivy League schools. It provides valuable insights into the writing styles, themes, and approaches that can make an essay stand out.

Remember, while these resources can serve as inspiration, it is crucial to maintain your own authentic voice and individuality in your essay. Use them as a guide to spark your creativity and approach your writing with originality.


  • Crafting a standout Common App essay is vital when applying to Ivy League institutions. The best essays for Ivy League applications are characterized by authenticity, compelling storytelling, reflective analysis, unique perspectives, and exceptional writing skills. By exploring exemplary Common App essays and leveraging the resources available, you can gain inspiration, hone your writing skills, and create an essay that resonates with admissions officers. Remember to showcase your true self, tell your unique story, and present your qualifications and aspirations in a way that distinguishes you from other applicants.

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