best common app essays 2024-2025

By | June 16, 2023

best common app essays 2024-2025

best common app essays 2024-2025

best common app essays 2024-2025

The Common Application (Common App) has become a cornerstone of the college admissions process, offering students a platform to showcase their unique qualities and experiences. Among the multitude of applications received each year, certain essays stand out as exemplary pieces of writing. In this blog post, we will dive into the world of the best Common App essays, exploring their characteristics, providing inspiration, and offering guidance to aspiring college applicants.

Unveiling the Best Common App Essays:

The best Common App essays capture the attention of admissions officers and leave a lasting impression. These essays possess qualities that set them apart, including:

  • Authenticity: The finest essays are genuine and reflect the writer’s true voice. They provide a personal and insightful glimpse into the applicant’s life, values, and aspirations. Admissions officers appreciate essays that resonate with sincerity and offer a glimpse into the applicant’s unique perspective.
  • Compelling Narratives: Captivating essays often tell a compelling story. They engage the reader from the very beginning and maintain a sense of intrigue and emotional resonance throughout. These narratives can explore personal growth, overcoming challenges, or moments of inspiration that have shaped the applicant’s character.
  • Thoughtful Reflection: The best essays demonstrate deep self-reflection. They go beyond surface-level descriptions and delve into the applicant’s thoughts, feelings, and lessons learned. Admissions officers value essays that showcase introspection and the ability to critically analyze experiences.
  • Creativity and Originality: Standout essays often showcase creativity and originality. They present unique perspectives, employ vivid imagery, or incorporate elements of storytelling, making them memorable and distinct from the rest.
  • Strong Writing Skills: Excellent essays demonstrate mastery of the written word. They exhibit clarity, precision, and a strong command of language. Grammar, punctuation, and structure are carefully considered, enhancing the overall impact of the essay.

Exploring Exemplary Common App Essays:

To gain inspiration from notable Common App essays, consider exploring resources such as essay collections, blogs, and online platforms. Here are a few examples:

  • College Essay Guy ( This website offers a wealth of resources, including real student essays and expert advice on crafting compelling college essays. It provides insightful guidance on brainstorming, structuring, and refining your essay.
  • Essay Hell ( Essay Hell provides a variety of essay examples, tips, and writing strategies to help students create standout essays. It also offers valuable guidance on tackling specific essay prompts and avoiding common pitfalls.
  • “50 Successful Harvard Application Essays” by Staff of the Harvard Crimson: This book showcases a collection of essays that helped applicants gain admission to Harvard University. It provides a diverse range of perspectives and writing styles, offering valuable insights for crafting strong essays.

Remember, while these resources can serve as inspiration, it is crucial to maintain originality and authenticity in your own writing.


  • The best Common App essays possess qualities that make them remarkable: authenticity, compelling narratives, thoughtful reflection, creativity, and strong writing skills. Aspiring college applicants can seek inspiration and guidance from various online resources, essay collections, and expert advice. However, it is essential to remember that the most impactful essays are those that reflect your unique experiences, passions, and aspirations. Craft your essay with care, stay true to yourself, and let your authentic voice shine through.

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