common app discipline question 2024-2025

By | June 19, 2023

common app discipline question 2024-2025

common app discipline question 2024-2025

common app discipline question 2024-2025

As students complete their college applications, one section that often raises concerns is the discipline question. The Common App includes a section where applicants are required to disclose any disciplinary incidents they have faced during their high school years. In this blog post, we will explore the Common App discipline question, and its purpose, and offer guidance on how to approach this section with honesty, transparency, and reflection. We will also provide related website links to help you navigate this sensitive topic effectively.

Understanding the Common App Discipline Question:

The discipline question on the Common App asks applicants to report any disciplinary incidents, such as suspensions, expulsions, or other significant disciplinary actions taken by their high school. This section aims to provide colleges and universities with a comprehensive understanding of an applicant’s behavior and character, allowing them to make informed admission decisions.

Approaching the Common App Discipline Question:

  1. Honesty is the Best Policy: When completing the discipline question, it is essential to be truthful and transparent. Disclosing disciplinary incidents demonstrates integrity and maturity. Remember that colleges value personal growth and the ability to learn from past mistakes.
  2. Provide Context and Reflection: Use the provided space to explain the circumstances surrounding the disciplinary incident. Offer a concise and objective account of what happened, taking responsibility for your actions. Additionally, demonstrate growth and reflection by discussing the lessons learned from the experience.
  3. Showcase Personal Development: Colleges are interested in understanding how you have grown and changed as a result of the incident. Discuss any steps you have taken to rectify the situation, such as participating in counseling, community service, or taking leadership roles in initiatives related to character development.
  4. Seek Guidance from School Counselors: Consult your school counselor or a trusted advisor to discuss how to approach the discipline question effectively. They can provide guidance on presenting your response in a constructive and reflective manner.

Relevant Resources:

  1. Common App Guide: The Common App website ( offers a comprehensive guide to completing the application, including the discipline question. Refer to their guidelines and suggestions to ensure you provide an accurate and thoughtful response.
  2. School Policies and Disciplinary Records: Familiarize yourself with your high school’s disciplinary policies to accurately report any incidents. If you need specific details about disciplinary actions, consult your school’s administration or disciplinary records.
  3. College Admissions Websites: Each college or university has its own policies and approach to disciplinary incidents. Visit the websites of the institutions you are applying to and review their admissions requirements and policies regarding disciplinary incidents.


  • The Common App discipline question provides an opportunity for applicants to demonstrate personal growth, maturity, and accountability. By approaching this question with honesty, transparency, and reflection, you can present a holistic view of your character to college admissions committees. Utilize the suggested resources and website links to understand the purpose of the discipline question and gather insights on how to address it effectively. Remember, colleges value personal growth and the ability to learn from past experiences, so use this opportunity to showcase your resilience and development.

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