NWU online Registration 2024-2025

By | May 21, 2023

NWU online Registration 2024-2025

NWU online Registration 2024-2025

NWU online Registration 2024-2025

For more detailed information about NWU Online Registration for the 2024-2025 academic year, please refer to the provided webpage.

At the University of North West, prospective students now have the option to apply for admission and register for classes online. It is important for students to follow the instructions provided on the web portal mentioned.

Key details about NWU Online Registration:

  • Registration period for first-year students of the 2024-2025 academic year: From January 25 to February 16, 2024.
  • Orientation program: Held from February 14 to February 26, 2024.

Registration procedure for South African students:

  • Access the NWU registration portal at studies.nwu.ac.za and sign in using your student ID and password.
  • Select “Registration” and then choose “Self-Registration.”
  • Make your qualification selection and click “Next.”
  • Proceed with the “Pre-requisite Test” if required. The available modules for registration will be displayed.
  • Utilize the Online Faculty Registration Assistance to select the appropriate modules for registration.
  • Ensure to provide accurate “Personal Information” (POPIA) and contact details.
  • Once the registration is successful, a notification will confirm the acceptance of the terms and state “Promise accepted.”
  • A proof of registration email will be sent to the student’s provided email address.

Registration for international students:

  • Prior consultation with the Global Engagement Office is mandatory for all applicants. No registrations will be accepted without prior discussion.
  • Contact the Global Engagement Office via email, including specific subject fields such as student number, registration year, level, and campus color.
  • Non-South African citizens should submit scanned copies of their passport, visa, or any other permit allowing them to reside in the RSA, as well as medical insurance documentation (waived only for PRP holders) and vaccination records for MMR, meningitis, and, if applicable, yellow fever.
  • Keep records of vaccinations received during the previous registration year.
  • Visit the provided page to initiate the online registration process for international applicants.

Please follow the provided guidelines and visit the given link to proceed with the online registration process for NWU applicants.

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