UCT Student housing 2024-2025

By | May 17, 2023

UCT Student housing 2024-2025

UCT Student housing 2024-2025

UCT Student housing 2024-2025

The University of Cape Town (UCT) offers a range of housing options for undergraduate and postgraduate students, both on and off campus. These options include first-tier, second-tier, and third-tier accommodations.

  • First-tier housing is primarily for undergraduate students, providing full catering with up to three meals per day in the dining halls. Double rooms are available in many of these residences, along with common spaces for socializing and facilities such as laundries and recreational areas.
  • Second-tier residences are intended for senior undergraduate and graduate students. Catering residences offer three meals per day, and most consist of flats with two to four bedrooms, accommodating one person per room. These residences also provide common areas for socializing, with amenities like a piano, pool, table tennis, and swimming pools available in some locations.
  • Third-tier accommodations are reserved for senior postgraduate students. These homes are carefully designed and supervised by superintendents to ensure academic and social well-being. They are often located within walking distance of the university campus or near Jammie Transport stops, providing easy access to stores and public transportation. These accommodations may have minimal furniture provided and access to swimming pools and athletic facilities. Some apartments in this category also offer self-service laundry facilities.
  • For students with spouses and dependents, the JP Duminy residence in Mowbray is available. It offers apartments close to the upper campus, Jammie Shuttle, and local stores, accommodating 42 students and their children.

For more detailed information on housing options and accommodations at UCT, prospective students can visit the following link: Click here

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