University of California, Davis International Students 2023-2024

By | June 1, 2023

University of California, Davis International Students 2023-2024

University of California, Davis International Students 2023-2024

University of California, Davis International Students 2023-2024

Are you an international student considering pursuing your education at the renowned University of California, Davis? Look no further! UC Davis warmly welcomes students from around the world and offers a supportive and inclusive environment to help you thrive academically and personally. In this blog post, we will explore the resources and opportunities available to international students at UC Davis, providing you with genuine information sourced from the official UC Davis website. Let’s dive in!

  1. International Admissions:

The UC Davis Office of Undergraduate Admissions is responsible for handling international student applications. If you are interested in applying as an undergraduate international student, visit the UC Davis International Admissions website [] for comprehensive information on the application process, requirements, deadlines, and important considerations specific to international students.

  1. Services for International Students:

UC Davis International Center is dedicated to providing support and resources for international students throughout their academic journey. They offer immigration advising, cultural adjustment assistance, programming, and workshops to help international students thrive on campus. Visit the UC Davis International Center website [] to learn more about the services and programs available to international students.

  1. English Language Support:

If English is not your first language, UC Davis offers resources to help you improve your language skills. The UC Davis English for Multilingual Students (EMS) program provides courses, workshops, and individualized support to enhance your English proficiency for academic success. For more information, visit the UC Davis EMS website [].

  1. International Student Scholarships:

UC Davis recognizes the importance of financial support for international students. The university offers a variety of scholarships specifically for international students, such as the UC Davis Excellence in Education Scholarship and the Global Study Award. Explore the UC Davis Scholarships website [] to learn more about the available scholarships and eligibility requirements.

  1. Global Learning Hub:

The UC Davis Global Learning Hub provides opportunities for international and domestic students to engage in global experiences, including study abroad programs, internships, research, and service-learning projects. These experiences broaden your horizons, foster cultural understanding, and enhance your academic and personal growth. Discover the range of global learning opportunities on the UC Davis Global Learning Hub website [].


  • As an international student at the University of California, Davis, you will find a welcoming community, a wealth of resources, and endless opportunities for growth and success. From the application process to scholarships, language support, and global experiences, UC Davis is committed to supporting international students throughout their academic journey. We encourage you to explore the provided website links for detailed information on each topic and make the most of your time at UC Davis. Embrace the vibrant multicultural community and embark on an enriching educational experience at UC Davis!

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